Welcome to the New Moon Visions Blog!

We love communities. This is why we spend so much of our time working with our favorite kinds of clients – downtowns, municipalities and the organizations and small businesses who make those places true communities. The goal of our blog is to continue that service for our clients on a broader scale by building an online community!

This will be a space where you can to learn more about your organization’s sense of place, how to build on it, and how to project that message to your community of customers, clients and constituents.

The world of branding, marketing, PR and social media can be a confusing and overwhelming one. But what we’ve found from working with clients for 20 years is that taken one piece at a time, it’s not so hard to wrap your mind around after all.

We hope that the tips, thoughts and amusements found in our blog are ones that are truly helpful to you. The one drawback to the extra TLC and one-on-one attention we give each of our clients is that it limits how many communities we can help at one time! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach out a little farther and welcome you into the New Moon Visions community.

Read on and enjoy!

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