Thanks, Fenton!

What a busy and wonderful week we’ve had in Fenton!

Our readers may have noticed we neglected to post a blog last week. That’s because the

Fenton Be Closwer

Fenton's new "Be Closer" logo. See the new website at

New Moon Divas were in our final planning stages of the Fenton Community Brand Unveiling Celebration! It was such a wonderful day, and we’ve had such a delightful time working with Fenton for past several months, we wanted to take this opportunity to write a bit about our experiences with this super community before continuing with our regularly scheduled programming.

Here are some of our favorite things about working with our friends in Fenton:

  • They are up for the challenge. Ever heard of urban renewal? Unfortunately, Fenton became the poster child for this movement in the 1960’s. But you know what? History is history in Fenton Having lost the majority of their downtown buildings has not stopped multiple downtown merchants from celebrating  30-year anniversaries in the last year. It hasn’t gotten in the way of such destinations such as the Fenton Hotel, the Fenton House and The French Laundry from bringing visitors into their city in droves. It’s not stopping the community from ramping up their marketing efforts to continue inviting people into Fenton to be surprised by all they have to offer.
  • Enthusiasm from Independent and Nationally-Based Merchants. Busy as they may be, independent downtown business owners tend to participate in community efforts like promotions and events far more often than the managers of their nationally-owned neighbor businesses. Not so in Fenton. We’ve been delighted to find representatives from Dibbleville, or downtown merchants, as well as nationally-recognized merchants, like the Fenton UPS Store, at meetings and forums, putting in the effort to be part of promoting Fenton as well.
  • Volunteers who Lead. Downtown Fenton is lucky to be represented both by capable, talented leaders inside City Hall, but also by volunteer leaders on their Downtown Development Authority Board. Fenton is blessed with active, involved, thinking and caring downtown stakeholders at the helm, willingly volunteering their time the sake of the community. We applaud them and thank them for their efforts!
  • There are So Many Good Things to Say! Not every place, product or idea is easy to promote. Sometimes there’s just not that much to say, or not much new to say. There is so much to talk about in Fenton! Exciting development projects


are underway, new businesses are moving in, existing businesses are celebrating anniversaries and expanding, and community organizations are constantly holding fun events. Fenton has such a great story to tell, and we’re so lucky to have the opportunity to help tell it!

  • Leaders who Support. We’ve had the pleasure of working with with many great communities and we especially recognize the professionals at the Fenton City Hall for the great, ongoing communication and the staff who addresses all of our inquiries promptly and thoughtfully. Developing a trusting and productive relationship with Fenton city staff was easy because of their terrific support of our work.

Fenton is truly a joy to work with. We’ve been so welcomed by the community, and look forward to the busy months ahead implementing the new Be Closer brand!

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