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Same Content, Different Crowd: Making your communications go farther

You’ve got a lot to say. In terms of messages you want to get to the public, there are events, sales, meetings, volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, good news, bad news, new inventory, new promotions – and the list goes on … Continue reading

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Tips for working with volunteers: Keeping your best help at their best

Non-profits have the great pleasure and joyful challenge of working with volunteers. At New Moon, we love volunteers. They make or break vibrant downtowns. They sacrifice time and talent to make things happen in their communities that for-profit businesses simply … Continue reading

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Details: The little things that make the big thing happen

Whether you’re managing a small business or leading a downtown organization or other non-profit, there are three things you definitely are every single day: busy, busy and busy. And what are you busy with? Details? You might be concerned about … Continue reading

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Don’t Drown Yourself Out! Timeliness & Prioritization in Online Communications

The wonderful thing about online communications is that it gives us unlimited opportunities to push information out to the public in an array of different ways. The bad thing about it is – you guessed it – that it gives … Continue reading

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Eventful Event Planning: How to prepare for the unexpected

Why are live events so exciting? Could it be the bustling of the crowds, the entertainment, the fun and games? Sure, it’s all of those things. It’s also the fact that they are a live experience. They can’t be DVR’d … Continue reading

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Scheduling Unscheduled Time: A Marketing Secret!

If marketing and public relations are one thing, they are the generation of ideas. Creativity is an absolute must in both fields. What is a print ad without a brilliant, catch headline? What is a social media promotion without great … Continue reading

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Numbers + Thinking = Better Numbers

We’ve said before that numbers are important, despite our preference for warm fuzzies. There are so many super delightful ways to measure progress, make effective improvements and more by keeping careful records and taking actions based on their analysis.

Let this image serve as a reminder that when it comes to social media metrics, the numbers are complicated and not at all straightforward – regardless of how simply they are displayed.
However! Numbers have limits. As easy as it may be to read a metric off a screen and say, “Hey we’re doing pretty well!” it’s not always that straightforward. Sometimes, they need a little common sense and even a few warm fuzzies to make a real impact. Continue reading

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Thanks, Fenton!

What a busy and wonderful week we’ve had in Fenton! Our readers may have noticed we neglected to post a blog last week. That’s because the New Moon Divas were in our final planning stages of the Fenton Community Brand … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Moon Visions Blog!

We love communities. This is why we spend so much of our time working with our favorite kinds of clients – downtowns, municipalities and the organizations and small businesses who make those places true communities. The goal of our blog … Continue reading

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