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Tips for working with volunteers: Keeping your best help at their best

Non-profits have the great pleasure and joyful challenge of working with volunteers. At New Moon, we love volunteers. They make or break vibrant downtowns. They sacrifice time and talent to make things happen in their communities that for-profit businesses simply … Continue reading

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Details: The little things that make the big thing happen

Whether you’re managing a small business or leading a downtown organization or other non-profit, there are three things you definitely are every single day: busy, busy and busy. And what are you busy with? Details? You might be concerned about … Continue reading

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Eventful Event Planning: How to prepare for the unexpected

Why are live events so exciting? Could it be the bustling of the crowds, the entertainment, the fun and games? Sure, it’s all of those things. It’s also the fact that they are a live experience. They can’t be DVR’d … Continue reading

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