About New Moon Visions

Welcome to New Moon Visions!

Kim Rivera established New Moon in 1990, serving a wide variety of clientele, ranging from retail and dining, to corporate, healthcare, and communities. While approaching 150 years of combined experience, we have honed our discipline, our regime, ourselves, into the finely tuned tool you need to discover your true identity in the market place.

What is Your Vision?

The professional team at New Moon will join you in the quest to discover your true identity. Only when you have your true ‘brand identity’ intact, will you reach your full potential in our fiercely competitive environment. We will help you uncover the essence of your organization or community. You see, you can not create it. It already exists.

Services include:

• Brand Identity
• Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• Illustration
• Print and Broadcast Advertising
• Media Planning and Placement
• Mapping and Signage
• Web Design
• Social Network Management
• Public Relations and Events
• Consultation and Facilitation
• Demographic and Economic Research
• Grant Writing